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These are my web sites. To jump to any site, click the name on the left or the 'Go' link at the end of the description. If you have questions or comments, please use the contact page here. A few web sites have contact forms, and I will soon update those that don't. If you want me to build a web site for you, let me know.

DVD for sale

 How to Make a Catamaran Sailboat from PVC Pipe [2009]. Instructional how-to DVD available which shows, step by step how to make all the parts of this catamaran from locally-available materials. More than 680 DVDs have been sold, as of Feb. 2015. Go

 How to build a survival retreat in a remote location. Eventually, this site will offer how-to DVDs on various aspects of the rather complex task of manifesting an off-grid shelter in the middle of nowhere, like land evaluation, underground home construcion, sand and gravel harvesting for concrete, rainwater collection and storage systems, solar power and electrical installation and more. Go

 How to prepare for an emergency and evacuate (bugout) if necessary. This is a complex topic, so this is a high-content site, including how to make a Plan A and then a backup Plan B, how to make and use a BOB or Bugout Bag/Backpack, a thorough discussion of contents, security and self defense, survival food and much more. I have a Blog where you will find new articles relevant to survival almost weekly, as well as a Video of the Week page with presentations by and interviews of some of the most courageous and articulate patriots today. Go

 Portable solar generator, consisting of five solar panels, two batteries and a 500W pure sine wave inverter, plus charge controller and outlets for 12V DC, including USB and 110V AC. Instant power for emergencies. This site will offer an instructional DVD video showing how to make this. Go

DVD for sale

 How to Make and Use a Papercrete Tow-mixer [2010]. An alternative building material, Papercrete is made my shredding old newspapers in water and mixing with Portland cement to make blocks or panels for building walls and more. Highly insulative and lightweight, Papercrete is versatile. This site offers a how-to DVD describing how to make a Papercrete Tow-mixer for making Papercrete. Go

 I install rainwater collection and storage systems, and this site shows and tells what they are and why it's practical to have an independent, self-sufficient water supply. Today, it might be a backup to your conventional, community-supplied water, tomorrow, it could be your only water system. Go

 Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) is just what it says. We use large kites to carry cameras into the air for the purpose of taking aerial photos of things on the ground. KAP has been used from the time photography was invented, sometimes for the purpose of documentation of archaeologic digs and sites and other scientific projects, and often just for fun. Go

DVD for sale

How to Create an Instant Organic Farm - Piles of Food From Poor Soil [2014]. This is the home of my latest DVD which is another how-to instructional video showing how to transform a barren piece of land into a farm or garden in as little as one day, with a minumum of labor and cost. The true significance of this DVD can be appreciated when you consider that human population increases much faster than our food production, and that we now have a food shortage. The importance of converting marginal land into organic farms will soon be realized. Go

 Not yet online. Dedicated to natural healing through proper diet, cleansing and fasting, with emphasis on raw foods.

 Under construction. My new site for sales of DVDs. At the moment, it links to this site. Go